A week’s a long time…

A week ago it was just the cat and me at home all day,

Me tapping away on my laptop,

Him napping away on the chair.

Our lives would overlap at lunchtime

When I would squeeze a pouch of smelly jellied meat into his bowl,

As I waited for my soup to reheat.

One week later and our lives are unrecognisable.

We have FOUR new full-time work colleagues

Who overlap with us ALL the time

(And won’t settle for a squeezed pouch for lunch).

They don’t do much work either – they are noisy and always want sweets and want to bounce on the trampoline and sometimes they just lie on the carpet.

Our new work colleagues often leave their pants on the bathroom floor and one of them occasionally gets into bed with me in the middle of the night (one of them ALWAYS gets into bed with me).

On the plus side, they often kiss me and tell me that they love me and are less judgy than the cat.